Identifying Elicitation: Security Awareness

Elicitation is a means of acquiring information about a target by exploiting weaknesses in human psychology and a cultural proclivity to respond to questions of strangers in a friendly manner. It may be considered an art to elicit sensitive information from an individual. Be aware of this method of drawing out details about critical assets … Continue reading Identifying Elicitation: Security Awareness

Ninjutsu is Terrorism: Why this Path Requires Caution

Authors Note: "This piece should not be interpreted as an endorsement of terrorism in any way. The intent is to draw similarities between ninjutsu and terrorism for educational purposes." See Legal Ramifications of Attaining Skill in Ninjutsu for more info. "Our challenge is to get through and to know where and how to hide, leaving … Continue reading Ninjutsu is Terrorism: Why this Path Requires Caution

IMSI-Catchers: Violating the 4th Amendment and Your Smart-Phone

The Washington Times now reports on the ubiquity of cell-phone signal interceptors used to hone in on and listen to your calls. According to the article, some 400 devices are deployed and active throughout the U.S. to aid the objectives of various departments including the U.S. Marshalls Service, BATFE, ICE, and the IRS. While the … Continue reading IMSI-Catchers: Violating the 4th Amendment and Your Smart-Phone

Smart-Phones: Sacrificing Security for Convenience

Modern cell-phones are extremely convenient, providing timely access to the web of things in tandem with basic communications capabilities. But the convenience of these devices are overshadowed by the security issues intrinsic to their functionality. Malicious apps can steal user information with ease, and the phone properties (such as an onboard GPS, cell-tower signaling) comprise … Continue reading Smart-Phones: Sacrificing Security for Convenience

W.A.P.S. Systems & the Orwellian Era

Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) systems operate in the atmospheric domain or space and typically consist of two primary components – a high pixel density camera(s) with multispectral capacity and some form of aircraft or satellite. Note: The term ‘multispectral’ refers to a number of differing electromagnetic frequencies/ wave-lengths represented in an image such as infrared, … Continue reading W.A.P.S. Systems & the Orwellian Era