This is a directory for historical ninjutsu techniques, tactics, principles and traditions seasoned with allusions to modern applications. Also interspersed throughout are ninjutsu posts that elaborate on certain concepts of the dark art.  It is constantly being updated. Follow the links for more information.

Historical Ninjutsu

The 48 Schools of Dojun Ryu (ref. Yasutake)

Bansenshukai  (ref. Holmes)

In-nin Jutsu (ref. Yasutake)

  • The ‘Hidden Infiltration’ aspect of ninjutsu.

Joei-nin – Shadow Ninjutsu (ref. Masatake)

  • To lurk within shadows is a ninjutsu fundamental.

Jo-nin – A Master of Ninjutsu (ref. Yasutake)

  • Profile of a ninjutsu Jo-nin

Kaze ni Norou no Tsutae – The Tradition of Riding the Wind (ref. Shigenori)

  • As the wind is shapeless, so to a shinobi must be shapeless in methods and appearances.

Kimura Speaks (ref. Shigenori)

  • Master Kimura of Koka transmitted knowledge of ninjutsu to Chikamatsu Shigenori.

Kuruma ni Kakeru – Reading the Mind (ref. Masazumi)

  • Flattery is a good in to the target’s mind.

Ninjutsu and Propaganda (ref. Yasutake)

  • Spreading disinformation was the job of a shinobi.

Shichiji no Daiji – The Principle of Seven Emotions (ref. Shigenori)

  • Knowing your own emotions is fundamental to understanding and manipulating those of your enemy.

Shinobi Michi Fumiyo no Koto – The Shinobi Art of Walking (ref. Shigenori)

  • To gain knowledge of a territory it is crucial that a shinobi frequent every road and trail in that territory.

Shinobi Arson (ref. Yasutake)

  • A dark activity, the shinobi was known to burn down buildings and even entire villages.


Modern Ninjutsu Applications

Legal Ramifications of Ninjutsu Training  (ref. Holmes)

  • True ninjutsu would be highly illegal.

Blending Innin-jutsu with Yonin-jutsu (Ref. Holmes)

  • Overt cover and covert cover may need to be alternated from time to time.

The Creative Impulse and Ninjutsu (ref. Holmes)

  • History lives on through us. It can influence our creations and behaviors.

Ninjutsu and Self-Protection (ref. Holmes)

  • Natori speaks of shinobi as having “no enemies”. What might this mean?

The Dilution of Ninjutsu (ref. Homes)

  • Modern ninjutsu dojos should be avoided.

What Would a Shinobi Do? (ref. Holmes)

  • If a shinobi incarnated into this century, how might he engage in the world?

Timeless Martial Principles (ref. Holmes)

  • Ninjutsu informs modern self-protection methods.

Running at Night (ref. Holmes)

  • Shinobi often operated under the cover of darkness. This requires practice.

Violence and Ninjutsu (ref. Holmes)

  • The violence shinobi faced is far apart from what is experienced in modern dojos.