Infiltrating a “Ninjutsu” Dojo – Using a Shinobi-Kumade

There is a wealth of irony to this next exhibition of Stealth Technique. For a while now, it has been well-established within the academic community that the ways of ninjutsu are not often represented by the culture of "ninjutsu" dojos - for within the domain of such martial arts schools the elements of stealth infiltration … Continue reading Infiltrating a “Ninjutsu” Dojo – Using a Shinobi-Kumade

Infiltration Exercise: Bridge Crossing

I don't like going to gyms to exercise. Preferably, I would like to earn my abilities out in relative "nature". Now, climbing bridges is great exercise, and there are variances in body movement that can be used to cross them that can translate to climbing skill for other urban obstacles. For instance there is the: … Continue reading Infiltration Exercise: Bridge Crossing