Infiltrating a “Ninjutsu” Dojo – Using a Shinobi-Kumade

There is a wealth of irony to this next exhibition of Stealth Technique.

For a while now, it has been well-established within the academic community that the ways of ninjutsu are not often represented by the culture of “ninjutsu” dojos – for within the domain of such martial arts schools the elements of stealth infiltration and use of traditional shinobi tools in effecting that purpose are typically lacking.

Stealth Technique w/ Homemade Shinobi-Kumade

In fact, prior to Stealth Technique, I can recall only a single exhibit of a shinobi-kumade in use, and this was by Gabriel Rossa of Hawaii who manages the Ninja Tools Facebook page (I recommend checking out his page as well as his YouTube channel). But in Rossa’s apt presentation of the historical tool (a collapsible version) there is no sense of where, when or how it is to be used for infiltration.

In “Dojo Rooftop”, Stealth Technique pulls out his own version of the shinobi-kumade (a non-collapsible but readily manufactured version) to evince how the tool can be used for modern purposes of stealth infiltration.

But wait, it gets better.

In adhering to principles of true ninjutsu, it was thought good form to pull out all the stops of intelligence gathering (“pre-op” recon) along with the selection of an unconventional building to conquer with the shinobi-kumade…

What better choice than a “ninjutsu” dojo?

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