Covert Fire: Indoor Technique (Grid-Down Preparedness & Ninjutsu Principles)

Should you ever be without electrical power for a prolonged period, you will need a method of cooking food and sterilizing water without attracting hordes of desperate people looking to plunder your supplies.

A covert fire is needed… a fire that is indoors, but smokeless with a fuel that combusts into non-toxic byproducts.

With this idea in mind  I recalled one principle of ninjutsu fire-arts, which advises that one learn a wide variety of techniques for starting and sustaining fire, and thereafter began to adapt the principle to my needs.

With a bit of thinking I  tailored an approach to indoor cooking to fit parameters of a low-cost, low-pollution, and covert technique using 91% isopropyl alcohol, a couple of pans, grill, a 44 lb. weight, and few other items (all of which were conveniently laying around the household).

This is how it works:

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