Hands of Stealth: Use the Fingertips – Stealth Movement

Specific techniques and disciplines originate in light of a specific context.

This principle is demonstrated in ‘Hands of Stealth’ where Stealth Technique, in his customary style, performs fingertip maneuvers on an undisclosed rooftop after rainfall.

The context: Wet surfaces

The technique: Keep the hands dry

The exhibited ‘fingertip technique’ of stealth movement is meant to keep the palms of the hands dry when coming into contact with wet surfaces. This allows the stealth operative to readily grab on to other surfaces without having to worry much about slippage or a bad grip.

To strengthen the fingers for stealth climbing, crouching, and hanging, fingertip push-ups and body-weight hand-plants will have you on your way.

With enough practice, you will gain ‘Hands of Stealth’.


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