Stealth: 5 Fundamental Ground Techniques in Continuous Movement

Like any other skillset that blooms out of a core set of physical movements, training for stealth requires drill and conditioning.

It is one thing to master a single stealth technique, such as a low-crawl or hand-assist crouch, but it is quite another to pull a combination of movements together into a seamless tapestry of pure stealth. To this effect, Stealth Technique provides 5 Fundamental Ground Techniques in Continuous Movement that can assist the stealth enthusiast in developing fluidity between stealth postures, and the pieces to a dynamic drill that can be mixed and matched to suit ‘Stealther’ interest. While Stealth Technique tends to perform on rooftops and other areas that require a heightened sense of awareness, it is important to note that these techniques can be practiced anywhere (though the senses may be further tuned to stealth if a benign potential exists to be spotted by a citizen sentinel).

Additionally, one should note that drilling these techniques at varying times of the day and on differing terrain can augment stealth training.

As with In and Yo, a ‘Stealther’ must be acclimated to the darkness and shadows as well as the light of day.

Stealth Technique:

“This is a conditioning/training drill that I do to work on endurance and quietude mainly (training on rocks or gravel is especially good for developing noise awareness). Basically, I find a secluded area with plenty of space and cycle through what I deem as the 5 fundamentals of ground movement. In the video I’m only moving forward but these movements can be adapted to move in all directions obviously.”


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