Infiltration Exercise: Bridge Crossing

I don’t like going to gyms to exercise.

Preferably, I would like to earn my abilities out in relative “nature”.

Now, climbing bridges is great exercise, and there are variances in body movement that can be used to cross them that can translate to climbing skill for other urban obstacles. For instance there is the:

  • 4-point Spider Crawl
  • Inverted Seiza Resting Hang
  • Leg Wrap Resting Hang
  • Two-Hand Shimmy
  • Direction Shift/Reversal
  • and more…

It has been said that shinobi were known to hide beneath bridges to stake out an enemy territory or to listen in on secrets, and this, I surmise would require strength to climb about the bridge for whatever purpose. As noted in my previous visit to this bridge, I took up a habit of climbing beneath these structures out of a need for worthwhile exercise and an inspiration of ninjutsu.

In the following video I make my exercise a little more intense by attempting to traverse to the other side of a river bridge without getting spotted by cyclists and bird-watchers that frequent the area. This moderate session of outdoor exercise then turns into a practice of In-nin infiltration.

I didn’t bring enough water that day…

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