Infiltration by Flaw of Structural Design: Security Concepts Informed by Ninjutsu

A colloquialism of the security industry, ‘ prevention of crime by environmental/structural design’ involves building a structure in such a way that the commission of crime is pre-empted…

High-walls, concrete barriers, and fencing are typical security related additions to buildings that are meant to facilitate a deterrence of crime through structural design, but these measures do not matter if the whole environment is not taken into account.

The building exhibited in the video below fails in preventing crime by structural design as a 4′ high fence (without camera overlook) gives easy access to the roof…a shinobi favorite for infiltration. This gap in security can be exploited with catastrophic results for the property owner.

For ninjutsu In-nin study, take notice of how a simple flaw of structural design and lax security gains entrance into a building. It is the art of ninjutsu that teaches us to find and exploit gaps in target defenses.

We are not thieves…but lax security and inept structural designers make such an activity quite easy.

Music by Daniel Birch – In Pursuit of Silence

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